Be Safe Though You’re Away

For some, holy week is a perfect time to go somewhere and enjoy the summer with the family. For others, especially the theft it is a perfect timing to do thier job.

So if you are one of those you take the opportunity to bring your loved ones to an out of the country trip or out of town, it is a must that you keep your home safe from thefts. Installing a Wireless Security Camera is one way of keeping your home safe. Insuring all doors and windows are locks is another way of keeping your home safe while you and your family are having a vacation.

Anyway, holy week is not only a perfect time for vacation. We should not forget that holy is a perfect time for replection.

A Bit Sick

I should be resting instead of blogging. I am snezzing, my nose is clogged, and my throat is sore. Hopefully I will not get too sick for that is the last thing I want to happen as of this moment.

On the lighter note, I am very much thankful for the blessings that came few weeks ago. Someone from Zalora offered a collaboration in my six blogs in exchange of cash voucher. Shopping without spending any penny from our pocket is certainly love, right?

See, although I am not really feeling well I still have the energy to surf and shop online :-). I know, many of you can relate.

Kitchen Improvement Ideas

There is no doubt that planning a kitchen improvement can be chanllenging most especially if you have a long list of changes to be made. However, if you will plan ahead and who will do a little research of kitchen improvement ideas then you will realize that home improvement can be exciting as well.

For those who are planning to improvement thier kitchen but doesn’t know yet what they want then perhaps can give you an idea on what your kitchen will look like. I have visited the website and I love what I saw. So, there is no doubt that will also like what you’re going to see.

Off To Cebu City

My little big boy experience his first flight yesterday to Cebu. I feel sad that I was not with him when he experience his first flight and certainly not the last. Though I am sad not to be with him I am happy that he experience it at an early age. I had my first flight when I was 30 something and I was alone then. No one to talk or share my feeling then while my son was with his Aunt (paternal side).

I was kinda worried that my son will feel uncomfortable but I was wrong he was brave unlike me when I had my first flight :-). I am a proud parent.

As I type this post my little big boy is enjoying his stay in Cebu. He will stay there for more than a month, hopefully I can go there with my friends and spend a few days with him.

I Want A New Handbag

I admit I am not a bag fanatic and don’t collect bags either. I only buy when I feel I need to get a new one for a simple reason that the bag I am using is worn out or I have been using the bag for a long time like a year or so. I never experience owning three or more bags. It is because, everytime I buy a new one I usually give the old one to my sister or anyone in the family.

M41051_PM2_Front view_230x230

I may not a bag fatnatic like other women out there but I am still a woman who loves to shop and often a compulsive shopper as well. Just like the other day, I was tempted to visit an online store although I don’t have any plan of shopping. I was having a good time checking the shoes and bag categories that I almost forgot that I still have work to do.

N41133_PM2_Front view_230x230

No wonder I could not let my eyes off looking at those stylish women’s bags at Zalora and the attraction of Louis Vuitton labels handbags. I really want to own those eye catching bag. How I wish I have extra money to spend, unfortunately buying bag is not in my priority list as of this moment. But I will certainly check those bags once in a while to inspire me to work harder and save.