Uber Busy

I must admit, I have broken my promised to update my time in a regular basis countless of time already. Laziness, writers block, busy mommy-ing are only a few reasons to mention. But most if the time I lost the mojo to write and I could not think of a good topic to share.

Anyway, my son is getting busy again preparing for their Math and Science Program that will happen next week (if I remember it right)
They are also preparing a big celebration coming next month, its Foundation Day. This time around the parents are involve in the planning. One thing is for sure, I am facing another extra expenses. I am somewhat excited of what is going to happened on the two days celebration. I heard that each group are cooking some surprises. Huh! I wonder what will be the surprise of our team (Red) we havent settled our plan yet.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Getting enough sleep is very important. However there are a lot of factors why some people are not getting enough sleep. Working in a night ship is common reason of not having enough sleep. Insomnia is another reason. Your bed can actually be a reason of not getting a good night sleep. Having good bed to sleep on will help us sleep comfortably.

If you think the problem of your luck of sleep is your bed then perhaps you should consider visiting cityofsleep.com. You will find comfortable matress that will help you sleep like a baby.

August Update

Woot! So I am updating this blog for the first time in the month. I have a very good reason to update this blog. It could only mean one thing, I will get paid in return of my next post. What else will make me feel so much gusto to blog but to earn.

Anyway, the month if August is almost over. I am hoping that I will be more active here in the next coming month. I must admit that I have been slacking in my duty as blogger most of the time this year. For some reason I lost my intetest to blog because my earning slowed down. So I am hoping for the best this time.

On Sound Proof

Let’s admit it, although we love listening to music there are instances that we dont want to hear any sounds. The advent of technology made an innovation that wont allow us to hear anything and you can find soundproof foam from here. I personally havent tried this innovation but should I need this thing in the future I might consider buying it.

Anyway for those who are in a look out of soundproof product you may check out the link I shared.

Alive And Kicking!

I must admit I have been missing in action for the fast few months for no specific reason. Or perhaps it ia because I lost the mojo to blog. Another reason might be less of blogging task to do. For whatever reason I may have for neglecting all my blogs I will try my best to go back on the right track.

So you may wonder what I have been doing for the past months that I am MIA in the blogging world. Well, I am still lurking in the World Wide Web, I am back on writing article in a writing hub I found last year. For some reason my account have deleted so I opt to stop for a while. Now I am back and have been paid twice. That is what keeping me busy these days.