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Feeling Productive

After deleting more than 7,000 spam comments I can feel that I am being productive. Since I lost my laptop and used my phone to blog I neglected the comments that seemed to increased everytime I login to my dashboard. Seeing the high numbers each time made the laziness kick in to its high level. Luckily, I was in the mood to start deleting those spam comments yesterday. Hence I try to delete 1,500 comments everytime I login, I am almost done with it. I am certain that my comment section will be from spam comments today.

One thing I also neglect since I start using my phone to blog is visiting my fellow bloggers especially my BC Bloggers community. Hopefully I can visit their blogs as soon as I am done working on the comments.

Exciting Day, It Is

How is your long weekend so far? As for me, I do not any plan as of this typing. I am actually in between two things, that is going to downtown with my little big tot and watch #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay the Showtime 6th Anniversary Kickoff. I admit I am excited to watch the show for one reason. I am Ms Pastillas fan :-D.

When most of my friend in facebook are going gaga over AlDub I can only like their post. I can’t share the same feeling with them, for a simple reason that I don’t watch KalyeSerye. Yes, I was not tempted to watch the show just because Aldub is trending all over facebook and twitter. I dont know what happened to me. I guess the curiosity in me were sleeping at that time or perhaps I am just one of the solid Kapamilya fan :-D. In Kapamilya I feel that all thier talents are given fair TV exposure while on the other tv station I noticed that the one who got a lot of fans and followers are most likely to have most of thier shows. So there you got my reason why I dont watch shows from other station.

I am happy for both Aldub and Pastillas Girl. And hopefully Ms Pastillas will find her right Mr Pastillas.

A Short Update

I am about to travel to dream land but because my mind is still active and seemed to wander around I decided to post and update here. And if my brain will continue to shower ideas after I am done with this post I might post a short blog post in my other blog as well.

Anyway, I was a little busy running errands here and there in the past two days. With this being said, I failed to finish the neck-pile of dirty clothes I had in our laundry basket. Thanks God I was in the mood to do the laundry today although my lower back is hurting because I was careless while pulling the basin full of water that I accidentally slipped and landed on the tiled floor with my butt. I also manage to finish the link assignned to my other blog. Luckily it was still in my dashboard although the task was due two days ago.

Indeed, today is a productive day for me. Until my next update good night fellow bloggers!!

Teaching The Kids To Go To The Market

Back when I was younger my mother doesn’t allow us to go to the market. I understand why she dont ask us to buy our food to the market back then. She want us to eat fresh fish and vegetables. If we are the one to buy our food we might buy the one that are not fresh anymore. But its different now, I make sure to teach my nephew and son how to buy the fresh fish and food. Teaching them to identify the fresh vegetables or fish. Am glad that they learn little by little. And, moreso I also taught them where I actually buy fish, pork, vegetables and condiments so they know where to go.

Today, I ask my son and nephew to go to the market because I am doing the laundry. I don’t worry much because as I have said they know where to go.

How aboutbyou fellow parents? Do you ask your children to go to the market?