Certified Slacker!!

That is me, I will not deny for it is a fact. As you can noticed its quite sometimes already after my last blog post prior to this post. I know my reasons for not updating my blogs in a regular basis is not valid. And mostly, I do not blog because I am lazy or I run out of topic to share. For countless of times I promised to try my best to update all my blogs in a regular basis but I failed.

Anyway, I do have a lot of story to share and I am hoping that laziness wont kick-in once again so I can make my blogs updated.

Missing Redemption

So I have been slacking in the blogging world once again. For one reason I lost my mojo in blogging. No matter how I try to get back my gosto to blog it is simply difficult moreso that getting link assignment is not easy as it was few years ago. With this I am looking for another means of earning online. For few months, I have been working in a writing hub that pays thier member through viewing, linking and commenting. But that was before the site lunched its new flatform. Members doesnt earn through viewing and earning is not easy now. Though I am not happy with what happened to the site now I continue posting.

Now that I am mising two of my redemptions that is worth more than a hundred I dont have any reason to continue writing for that site. I only hope that my complain will be address the soonest posible time. Christmas is just around the corner I am hoping that I can but something for myself from my own pocket.

Mispelled And Wrong Grammar!

I was browsing my previous awhile ago, I noticed that some of the words are mispelled. Wrong grammar is also visible. Haist! This is the downside of using a mobile phone to work on my online thing. I know, I should re-read what I typed before hitting the publish button but it is not always the case. I am always in a hurry to submit my post only to find out some errors. It is really frustrating. How I wish I am using a laptop or a desktop to blog. Its more handy and editing is quite easy.

Anyway, all I can do for now is be careful and check my post before publishing. I am still in a process of saving for the laptop I am planning to buy.

Uber Busy

I must admit, I have broken my promised to update my time in a regular basis countless of time already. Laziness, writers block, busy mommy-ing are only a few reasons to mention. But most if the time I lost the mojo to write and I could not think of a good topic to share.

Anyway, my son is getting busy again preparing for their Math and Science Program that will happen next week (if I remember it right)
They are also preparing a big celebration coming next month, its Foundation Day. This time around the parents are involve in the planning. One thing is for sure, I am facing another extra expenses. I am somewhat excited of what is going to happened on the two days celebration. I heard that each group are cooking some surprises. Huh! I wonder what will be the surprise of our team (Red) we havent settled our plan yet.

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