Travel and Food Blog?

I am really thinking of what go do with this blog and my other blog since I seldom post and updates. Letting go may sounds easy but thinking how much effort I have put on here is not easy. So instead of letting go of this domain I decided to make it a travel and food blog. Honestly, I am still hesitant simply because I seldom travel and I seldome go out to eat. But its a good decision as of this moment.

Hopefully I can post an update every now and then since I have few travel and dine out in the previous months that I am planning of sharing.

Going Out With My Cousin

M is my cousin who is close to me the most and he is a certified gay. 😀 It’s not that I am not close to my other cousins but M is not just a cousin to me. He is a friend, my personal beautician and partner in anything that I want to do (not the bad thing).

 photo 20160629_162105_zpsbzoxmw8g.jpg My M while waiting for the Parade of Light (Sangyaw Festival) to start[/caption]

We have been going out lately, having freehookups with his gay friends, watching beauty pageant, talent presentations or just roaming around the mall chitchatting.

I am sure you guys will agree if I say, gays are so far the funniest to be with. With them there is no dull moment. They have this ability to make things funny and light. So whenever I feel down I always want to be with gays.

 photo 20160621_180608_zps5vbkiqle.jpg With M’s friend after watching Talent Presentation at Robinson’s Mall[/caption]



Movie Dates!

I tag along the little tot in buying our grocery needs few days ago. I sometimes do this especially if I am buying more than I usually buy. I need him to help me carry the grocery bags. 😀 he is big enough to carry more than I can. Not that I am forcing him to do it. He actually insist doing it. I guess he knows that I am old to carry too much. Hahaha!!

To put a smile on his face i treat him to Jolibee. Yes, my little big tot is a kid after all. He loves Jolibee. I also treat him to movie. Watching movies is our mother and son bonding. I always make it a point to have a movie date with my little big tot once in a while. Just the like yesterday we watched another movie of his choice. Good thing, his choice of movie is not bad. So we both had a great time watching the movie.

I Miss Those Days!

When I was just starting blogging updating my blog is an easy task. In fact I can sometimes post an update twice in a day but now it seemded that posting an update is a difficult task. There are times when I have some thoughts in mind but when I am about to put them in writing they just vanish. I shall remind myself that I start blogging for me to be able to chronicle my thoughts, daily happenings, share special occasions and etc. Hopefully, I will always get hold of this everyday so I will have the guts to post an update.

For countless times I promised myself not to neglect my blog but at the end of the day I always failed. Hopefully, it wil not be the same again. I an keeping my finger’s cross.

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Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine.