BC Bloggers Meme: A Day In My Not So Boring Life

I was about to make a post of what I did yesterday but then I remember the BC blogger meme title for this week is “A Day In My Not So Boring Life” so I guess the title refer to our typical day.

I am a stay at home single Mom, so my day would start early on weekdays. Although I am very sleepy and want to stay longer in bed I should get up.

5.45 am

My typical day would start at this time. I’ll prepare breakfast for the little one; prepare his stuff such as uniform, shoes, socks and undergarments. After I am done with the preparation I’ll wake up the little one for his breakfast.

6.50 am – 7.30 am

I am teaching the little one to take his bath but on weekdays I am the one who give him bath, brush his teeth, put on his clothes, shoes and sock.

7.30-9.30 am

At this time the little one is off to school. It’s time to chat to the boyfriend. It’s a routine for us, chat three time a day if possible.

9.30 am -12 noon

At this time you will see me multi-tasking, doing my online stuff such as blogging, FB-ing, checking e-mails, cleaning the yard, taking my bath and sometimes preparing lunch

12 noon 1 pm

Preparing the little one again in going to school after lunch

1 pm – 4 pm

If I have time I am usually taking a nap

4 pm – 6 pm

I am back online, while waiting for the boyfriend to come online at 5 I am again doing my online stuff

6 pm-8 pm

Dinner time and sometimes doing my online stuff

8 pm -10pm

Taking a nap if not watching tv or online again doing my online stuff

10 pm -12 midnight

Talking to the boyfriend online

12 midnight – 5.30

I am at the land of dreams
So this is my typical day, as you notice I am usually online. So how about you, what is your typical day?



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