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#Throwback Thursday: Then & Now

It’s time for #throwback Thrusday once again. I could not think of a good picture to share than this random edited picture of me and my son J.

I do not know if I mentioned it here the J had a chance to visit the government offices in town as part of their Civics and Culture subject. The good thing being a stay at home mom is I am always available to attend any school activities of my son. So while waiting for the firemen I took pictures of me and J. I was uploading it to his personal facebook account when I opt to edit our latest pictures and make it as my cover photo in my facebook. After editing our latest picture, I decided to edit our old, and make it as a cover photo in my personal facebook account as well. Oh, don’t be confuse, just like other bloggers I also have I two facebook accounts. While editing our old pictures, I remember the famous meme in the blogosphere, the #throwback Thursday.

 photo Documents7_zps51bed91f.jpg

Old pictures of us (me and J) through the years..

 photo me-justin_zps73c261e4.jpg

Our latest pictures, J has this mannerism of playing his nose, see the second and the third pictures.. 🙂

So here I am sharing our then and now pictures. See our transformation over the years? 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Wacky Pose

I wanted to go with the fame of Throwback Thursday, the only reason that stopping me to join is that I don’t have those old pictures to share. But when I stumbled upon a blog sharing not too old photos I decided to share my not so old photos as well.

For my first share for Throwback Thursday is a picture of my son J with his cousin. Admittedly, J is always excited and happy during the visit of my younger sister’s family as he gets to play with his cousins, until they get too tired. One night they were having fun when I thought of taking picture of them while they are playing.

I asked them to give me a wacky pose and here is what I got.

 photo wacky-edit_zpsde7b8386.jpg

first attempt but they made me smile

 photo wacky1-edit_zps81041931.jpg

in deed the nephew and niece knows how to post wacky while the J is being cool..:-)

BC Bloggers Meme: A Day In My Not So Boring Life

I was about to make a post of what I did yesterday but then I remember the BC blogger meme title for this week is “A Day In My Not So Boring Life” so I guess the title refer to our typical day.

I am a stay at home single Mom, so my day would start early on weekdays. Although I am very sleepy and want to stay longer in bed I should get up.

5.45 am

My typical day would start at this time. I’ll prepare breakfast for the little one; prepare his stuff such as uniform, shoes, socks and undergarments. After I am done with the preparation I’ll wake up the little one for his breakfast.

6.50 am – 7.30 am

I am teaching the little one to take his bath but on weekdays I am the one who give him bath, brush his teeth, put on his clothes, shoes and sock.

7.30-9.30 am

At this time the little one is off to school. It’s time to chat to the boyfriend. It’s a routine for us, chat three time a day if possible.

9.30 am -12 noon

At this time you will see me multi-tasking, doing my online stuff such as blogging, FB-ing, checking e-mails, cleaning the yard, taking my bath and sometimes preparing lunch

12 noon 1 pm

Preparing the little one again in going to school after lunch

1 pm – 4 pm

If I have time I am usually taking a nap

4 pm – 6 pm

I am back online, while waiting for the boyfriend to come online at 5 I am again doing my online stuff

6 pm-8 pm

Dinner time and sometimes doing my online stuff

8 pm -10pm

Taking a nap if not watching tv or online again doing my online stuff

10 pm -12 midnight

Talking to the boyfriend online

12 midnight – 5.30

I am at the land of dreams
So this is my typical day, as you notice I am usually online. So how about you, what is your typical day?


BC Bloggers Meme: 30 Things About Me

Last time I failed to join the BC Blogger meme, for the reason that was just blogging from the internet café. Oh well, I really wanted to join but the thought of I might not able to return the visit or visit the other entries made me think it’s unfair. So here I am catching up this week meme, 30 Things About Me hosted by Sanna of Woman Scribbles.

Here is it..

1. I am a single mom since 2005 to a sweet little boy but…

2. Very happy

3. I treasure my son

4. I am in an interracial relationship for almost six years

5. I am a second sibling of four (2 bro and 1 sis)

6. I love to shop for my nephews and nieces during holiday season or when money is not a problem.

7. I like to treat my family

8. I am the breadwinner in the family

9. An earning blogger although my English is poor and I am not good in grammar

10. I love photography and I want to own a decent camera in the future

11. I love nail polish, red is love these days because of the boyfriend who loves the shade of red and pink

12. I can’t drive and

13. Swim

14. A self confessed Victoria Secret addict ( I have four different scent as of this typing and another one in transit)

15. I love make up

16. I love to sing but I cannot sing even the simplest tune

17. I cry easily, when hurting and when watching show or movie

18. I have asthma and

19. Allergy

20. Impulsive buyer, few months ago I bought beauty product worth four figures from my earning online

21. My hair is curly, thanks for straightening products I wear straight hair now

22. I used to be skinny but now..

23. I am fat and struggling to lose weight

24. A Pieces with this

25. I am imaginative (beware I don’t talk or brag something that I don’t have) and compassionate

26. Selfless most of the time

27. I am good but I can be bitchy to the highest level when provoke (my family, friends and my boyfriend can attest)

28. Surrounded by gay friends

29. Once mislead by a lover

30. I want to save for the future

Yay, that’s a long list..


BC Bloggers Meme: Count Your Blessings

I am glad that I manage to catch up this week’s BC Blogger meme. I thought I would not able to make it this time. This blog was down yesterday when was about to post my entry because of web host update. This week meme is hosted by Daddy Yashiro entitled “Count Your Blessing”. I remember voting this meme. I do have a lot of blessings to be thank of but I willl just be sharing some.


Waking up each morning and given a chance to what the things I need to do is always a blessing. I thank you our CREATOR for giving me a another day to spend with my loved ones.


He my little rascal. I have my fair share of ups and downs raising him alone. I have those sleepless nights. In my first year of being a single mother there are nights that I am crying because of hardship and worries. But I don’t have any regret having my son. He is a darling and a blessing.


He is always there to listen when I need someone to talk to. He support me in everything I need. Our relationshiop may not be perfect but one thing is for sure, we always there for each other.


I don’t have a perfect family but in case of emergency and crisis we always united.


They add glamor and happiness in my life.


It permits me to earn while staying at home and meeting new friends and people from all over the world.



The most expensive shoe of the little one as of this typing

I manage to buy the spike shoe for the little one last week. Thanks for the boyfriend the little one own a nice spike shoe now. And he is always excited to wear it :).

So, how about you? Care to share your blessing to us?