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On Enhancing The Knowledge

We cannot deny the fact that technology plays an important rule in our daily life,whether you are a professional or a student. And even those simpliest individuals they make use of technology. I am not really surprised why there are lots of people who wants to be a IT professionals.

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I remember a friend who is a computer science degree holder. She haven’t applied what she learned in school since she graduated. I wonder if it cross her mind to take a short course in addition to her knowledge. It will be a good idea especially if she is considering on applying for a job.

Busy Week Ahead

I am going to be a busy mommy to my son J in the next coming days. I know mommy-ing can be a daunting task but certainly it is a rewarding job that no amount of money can paid it off. The busy days will start tomorrow as the school is hosting a two days open house exhibit as part of the Math and Science month celebration. Just like the previous years, different types of animals will be displayed in the school ground. The children, parents and visitors will have a chance to take pictures of the animals. J is already excited for tomorrow’s event. And, I am excited to take pictures.

Here are few pictures taken on previous Math and Science exhibit.

 photo math-scie4_zps4e6187bd.jpg

I didn’t noticed that I am wearing a yellow polo shirt when I had this photo, if not for my friend I will not noticed it.. honestly.

 photo math-scie3_zps899943b7.jpg

 photo math-scie1_zps4cd6ce1e.jpg

I am proud of my son J for he not afraid to hold the different types of animals in the exhibit.

 photo math-scie2_zpsb603dc54.jpg

Working On His Assignment

I don’t remember mentioning here or in any of my blogs that J is having a long vacation. The reason- it is because of town fiesta celebration. The school where J is enrolled observed three consecutive local holidays however making up classes on Saturdays will be observed subsequently. The school also conducted two days seminar workshop on K-12 Basic Education Training as mandated by the Department of Education.

While J has been enjoying the luxury of staying at home playing and watching television his cousin L is busy attending his classes and after attending their practice in preparation for the Pasaka Festival. However, J has a lot of assignment to do in exchange of not going to school. We will be working on his assignment today as his classes will resume coming Monday.

Ready For School

How’s your weekend guys! As for me, I spent my weekend in my room, taking a long nap and doing my thing online. I was busy running offline errands during the last few days of May so I am taking advantage to take some rest before I get busy attending the little one and my nephew next week.

 photo school-things_zpsf3582e2a.jpg

For some student, their summer vacation is officially over as today is the first day of classes for school year 2013-2014. But for the little one and my nephew their summer vacation is extended for a week as their classes will start next Monday. However, I am done shopping for their school supplies more than a week ago. I’ll just wait for additional school supplies for my nephew if ever he still needs something that we missed to buy. As for the little one and my niece, I am certain that I already bought everything they need as I asked the list of the school materials they will need before heading to the mall.

Shopping With The Boys

I had a very tiring day with my son and my nephew. We headed to the city to pick up the money that my boyfriend wired last night.

After picking up the money we started shopping of school supplies, school shoes, backpacks and other personal stuff of my son and nephew. Another school year is yet to begin in two weeks. I am not lucky enough as the school shoes I am eyeing for more than two weeks is not available anymore and I could not find another shoes on sale that would fit the two boys, so I don’t have any choice but to buy the shoes in a regular price.

Hence, I am into quality not quantity I opt to buy the shoes displayed on shoe rack that is not for sale. It’s a bit expensive but I’ve been buying this brand for my son, nephew and nieces for few years already and I would say I am satisfied in terms of quality and durability of their product.