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Newly Found Site To Earn

I’ve been venting that I so want to kick the addiction on playing games on facebook. Finally, I found something that stopped me from playing online. Last week, I found this website that allows me to earn by posting an articles of any kinds. With this newly found means of earning online that requires more of my time I am hoping that I will finally get rid playing online.

I have joined the site last week, six days to be exact and I already earn few dollars. My goal is to reach the minimum cash out after a week. I have read few unsuccessful cash out because they someone failed to follow the rules. I don’t want this to happen to me that is why I am very careful on following their rules although there are times that I liked a single post twice. I already ask about this and I feedback that it is okay. I will just try to be careful next time to avoid like the same post twice.

As for now, I shall work hard to reach my goal and that is t reach the minimum cash out.

Ways To Promote A Business

With the economic crisis that some countries are suffering nowadays running a business entails a lot of responsibilities. Business owners should think of a better way on how to standout among business competitors.

Of course there are lots of means on how to market a business. If you have huge budget to market your business then electronic media is a good option. Trade shows is another good option in marketing a business. The use of monitor floor stand will certainly to promote your business. It may cost some money but you will absolutely meet the advertising needs due to high volume of exposure you can get from passers-by.

All Is Well

First, I’d like to apologize to my visitors for not updating this blog for more than a week. I know some of you made an effort to scan my previous post to leave a comment, for that I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Today, I am finally in the mood to post an update. You may wonder what I have been doing for the past couple of days. Well, laziness kicks in and the procrastinator in me is too visible that I don’t have the power to post any update here and in my other blog, aside of course to my other blog that continue to received tasks from direct advertiser and my newest found site that pays blogger to publish article. I also get few tasks from the two more sites that pay’s blogger to blog. I am very much grateful that blessings continue to pour in that site of mine.

For my nephew, he is well now. In fact the just stayed here for few days and decided to go home last week. The hospital bills and other expenses made a hole in my boyfriends pocket as he is the one who paid everything. Well, the boyfriend is actually spending too much because of my family in the past couple of months. My mother’s hospitalization and other medication is surely enough for my boyfriend to handle financially but he still continue to help for whatever problem arise concerning my family. I may be a bad girlfriend to him but I truly love him and thankful for continue loving me although I am stubborn and hard headed most of the time.

Paypal Dollar Rate

It is not a secret that I am saving my online earning for the holiday season and it is undeniable that holiday season is just around the corner. For some who have their budget readied early had better chances of taking advantage the sales happening on the malls and department stores. But for those who are still saving, like me, has a lesser chances of discounted items. As we all know, clearance sales usually happened to get rid of the old stocks and make way of the latest stocks which is more expensive compared to the old stock. More often than not, I don’t get the chance of getting the old stocks as my holiday budget comes two weeks before the big day.

Anyway, talking about saving for the holiday season I was a big disappointed when I found out the current paypal rate. One dollar is equivalent to 39.91 Philippines peso. It may be good for the Philippine economy but I am pretty sure it not good for us, bloggers. I could only hope that the rate will somehow hit the 42 pesos before the holiday for me to achieve the amount I needed.

How about you? Have you started your Christmas shopping?