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Going Out With My Cousin

M is my cousin who is close to me the most and he is a certified gay. 😀 It’s not that I am not close to my other cousins but M is not just a cousin to me. He is a friend, my personal beautician and partner in anything that I want to do (not the bad thing).

 photo 20160629_162105_zpsbzoxmw8g.jpg My M while waiting for the Parade of Light (Sangyaw Festival) to start[/caption]

We have been going out lately, having fun with his gay friends, watching beauty pageant, talent presentations or just roaming around the mall chitchatting.

I am sure you guys will agree if I say, gays are so far the funniest to be with. With them there is no dull moment. They have this ability to make things funny and light. So whenever I feel down I always want to be with gays.

 photo 20160621_180608_zps5vbkiqle.jpg With M’s friend after watching Talent Presentation at Robinson’s Mall[/caption]



Exciting Day, It Is

How is your long weekend so far? As for me, I do not any plan as of this typing. I am actually in between two things, that is going to downtown with my little big tot and watch #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay the Showtime 6th Anniversary Kickoff. I admit I am excited to watch the show for one reason. I am Ms Pastillas fan :-D.

When most of my friend in facebook are going gaga over AlDub I can only like their post. I can’t share the same feeling with them, for a simple reason that I don’t watch KalyeSerye. Yes, I was not tempted to watch the show just because Aldub is trending all over facebook and twitter. I dont know what happened to me. I guess the curiosity in me were sleeping at that time or perhaps I am just one of the solid Kapamilya fan :-D. In Kapamilya I feel that all thier talents are given fair TV exposure while on the other tv station I noticed that the one who got a lot of fans and followers are most likely to have most of thier shows. So there you got my reason why I dont watch shows from other station.

I am happy for both Aldub and Pastillas Girl. And hopefully Ms Pastillas will find her right Mr Pastillas.

A Bit Sick

I should be resting instead of blogging. I am snezzing, my nose is clogged, and my throat is sore. Hopefully I will not get too sick for that is the last thing I want to happen as of this moment.

On the lighter note, I am very much thankful for the blessings that came few weeks ago. Someone from Zalora offered a collaboration in my six blogs in exchange of cash voucher. Shopping without spending any penny from our pocket is certainly love, right?

See, although I am not really feeling well I still have the energy to surf and shop online :-). I know, many of you can relate.

Off To Cebu City

My little big boy experience his first flight yesterday to Cebu. I feel sad that I was not with him when he experience his first flight and certainly not the last. Though I am sad not to be with him I am happy that he experience it at an early age. I had my first flight when I was 30 something and I was alone then. No one to talk or share my feeling then while my son was with his Aunt (paternal side).

I was kinda worried that my son will feel uncomfortable but I was wrong he was brave unlike me when I had my first flight :-). I am a proud parent.

As I type this post my little big boy is enjoying his stay in Cebu. He will stay there for more than a month, hopefully I can go there with my friends and spend a few days with him.

I Want A New Handbag

I admit I am not a bag fanatic and don’t collect bags either. I only buy when I feel I need to get a new one for a simple reason that the bag I am using is worn out or I have been using the bag for a long time like a year or so. I never experience owning three or more bags. It is because, everytime I buy a new one I usually give the old one to my sister or anyone in the family.

M41051_PM2_Front view_230x230

I may not a bag fatnatic like other women out there but I am still a woman who loves to shop and often a compulsive shopper as well. Just like the other day, I was tempted to visit an online store although I don’t have any plan of shopping. I was having a good time checking the shoes and bag categories that I almost forgot that I still have work to do.

N41133_PM2_Front view_230x230

No wonder I could not let my eyes off looking at those stylish women’s bags at Zalora and the attraction of Louis Vuitton labels handbags. I really want to own those eye catching bag. How I wish I have extra money to spend, unfortunately buying bag is not in my priority list as of this moment. But I will certainly check those bags once in a while to inspire me to work harder and save.