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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Getting enough sleep is very important. However there are a lot of factors why some people are not getting enough sleep. Working in a night ship is common reason of not having enough sleep. Insomnia is another reason. Your bed can actually be a reason of not getting a good night sleep. Having good bed to sleep on will help us sleep comfortably.

If you think the problem of your luck of sleep is your bed then perhaps you should consider visiting You will find comfortable matress that will help you sleep like a baby.

A Bit Sick

I should be resting instead of blogging. I am snezzing, my nose is clogged, and my throat is sore. Hopefully I will not get too sick for that is the last thing I want to happen as of this moment.

On the lighter note, I am very much thankful for the blessings that came few weeks ago. Someone from Zalora offered a collaboration in my six blogs in exchange of cash voucher. Shopping without spending any penny from our pocket is certainly love, right?

See, although I am not really feeling well I still have the energy to surf and shop online :-). I know, many of you can relate.

Running Out Of Time

Yay!! I still have few undone tasks from my all time favorite pay to blog site. Good thing I can blog using my phone so I can publish interim post before posting paid post.

On the lighter note, the wound that my son J got during the storm surge is miraculously healing fast. I thought it will take long before it heal totally but I was wrong. I thank the MAN above for keeping my son safe when his wound was n0t properly taken cared of. It was after 4 days whem the wound was taken cared by foriegn doctor who stayed in our municipal hall.d

Thanks God My Son Is Safe

While I am trying to secure my son safety when the sea water started to raise I didn’t noticed that my son had a big cut below his knee. It was only after we reached the roof of our house when my son told me that he has a wound. After seeing how big his wound is worries I started worrying, for I know he will not get the right medication he needs at that time.

After more than a week of worrying of my son welfare I can finally sleep without worries. He was thoroughly checked in the hospital. I am really thankful that his bone is safe after the xray and his wound is free of infection. As of now, he is under medication. Hopefully, he will recover fast.

Why Wear An Eyeglass?

I am a type of person who is not fond of wearing eyeglasses. However because there is something wrong with my eyes I am forced to wear them until a stop wearing my glasses and keep it in a safe place. I should have worn it permanently but am hardheaded so I stop wearing it when headache stopped visiting me.

If my eyeglass was prescribed by an ophthalmologist others wear an eyeglasses for the sake of fashion. I salute them for they look good in it, it only proves that eyeglass wear is not only because you need it to see well but because you want to be fashionable.