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Black Saturday Update

So how is your holy week so far? Ad for for me, I am thankful that I feel a lot better yesterday because I manage to attend the Good Friday mass and procession. I thought I am going to miss it this year as I had bad allergy attack and asthma. I prayed that I’ll be better so I won’t miss it. Thank you Lord Jesus for the answered prayer.

In spite of what happened few months ago, I noticed that there are still a lot of people who believe on HIM. A hundreds of people attended the mass and procession. It only proves that no matter what happen we still believe that trial is part of our lives and that is to test our faith to God.

I am praying that this holy week will be safe and blessed week to all of us.

Am Not Excited But Thankful

Honestly, I really don’t feel that Christmas is fast approaching. With the problem that I and my family is facing after the typhoon I feel like I am not excited for the Holiday season to come. But then, I have a lot of reason to be thankful. I am very much grateful that we are still alive and that we survive. Although we need time to forget the horrible experience that the typhoon brought us, I know in time we will be okay and be okay and will stand still.

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Hello September

As of this typing my internet connection is messing up, again, it maybe our phone don’t have dial tone instead I heard annoying sounds. I could not let this day pass without posting an update here. In few hours we will be welcoming another month; it’s the start of the BER months to be precise.

I know it’s way too early to talk about holiday season but can you blame me? Holiday season is my favorite time of the year. My boyfriend will certainly not call me Christmas girl for nothing. I just love the thought of the holiday atmosphere, the hustle and bustle in the mall and street because people are busy preparing for the most wonderful time of the year.

I hope that online blessing continue to pour in my end so I can save some amount for the holiday season.

Getting Ready For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

As I’ve said in my other blog few days ago, I need to re-do our Christmas tree for I noticed that it is not standing straight anymore. Last Sunday I mange to fix our tree as I have promise I will be sharing few photos of our five years old tree when I am done. I should have shared it few days ago but I get too busy and I get too lazy to update my blogs after working on my tasks over the weekend as I am trying to beat the cut-off of my all time favorite pay to blog site.


Christmas tree decoration

So without further ado here are few photos of our Christmas tree. There is no gift yet beneath the tree when I took this photo. As of this typing I already have few gifts under our tree. By the way, I am using macro shot when I took this photo. I figured I can have a good shot although I don’t have the high end camera.


our tree, the left side photo was taken on day time and the right side was taken at night when the Christmas lights are on..

As for decorations, only buy few decoration and Christmas light this year. I am still satisfied with my old decoration although I noticed the Christmas balls are a little worn out. I am afraid I can’t use them next year.

Gift Ideas For Music Lover

When gift giving we usually apply this quote “It’s the thought that counts” true indeed. But would you give something that that cannot be use by the person whom you want to give the present? For me, I will try to give something that can be of help to the person. Like for example, if the person loves music then perhaps consider giving the person something that is related to music.

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But if you can’t afford the buy a real music instrument you can still buy key chains and figurines that are music related.