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Movie Dates!

I tag along the little tot in buying our grocery needs few days ago. I sometimes do this especially if I am buying more than I usually buy. I need him to help me carry the grocery bags. 😀 he is big enough to carry more than I can. Not that I am forcing him to do it. He actually insist doing it. I guess he knows that I am old to carry too much. Hahaha!!

To put a smile on his face i treat him to Jolibee. Yes, my little big tot is a kid after all. He loves Jolibee. I also treat him to movie. Watching movies is our mother and son bonding. I always make it a point to have a movie date with my little big tot once in a while. Just the like yesterday we watched another movie of his choice. Good thing, his choice of movie is not bad. So we both had a great time watching the movie.

Grateful Inspite Of The Problem

…that my family is facing as of this moment. We are on the stage of picking up the pieces and moving forward little by little. I know for the fact that we need a year or so get back to our normal living.

Few days ago, my little big boy turned a year older. He is nine years old now. It was a simple family gathering. Though we didn’t prepare much, one thing is for sure, my little big boy was very happy. I am very grateful to the Man above from saving and guiding us during the typhoon Yolanda.

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe. To my boyfriend thank you for pampering the little boy. I also want to thank my younger sister and sister in law for helping me prepare the food.

Short Update

It’s been a busy week in my end, trying to be a good and supportive mother to my son J and at the same time trying to be productive online. Last Friday was the final day of the four days celebration of the school 10th founding anniversary. I will share photos and story on my next post. Am just posting a short update here, to let you know that I am still alive and kicking :-).

I thought I will miss the comment exchange for next week as I didn’t find enough time to visit the participants for this week. My connection was crawling like a turtle right after the devastating earthquake occurred. But gladly, I manage to finish it last night. So I am up for the next round of blog commenting.

Anyway, have a wonderful Sunday ahead of us.

Busy Week Ahead

I am going to be a busy mommy to my son J in the next coming days. I know mommy-ing can be a daunting task but certainly it is a rewarding job that no amount of money can paid it off. The busy days will start tomorrow as the school is hosting a two days open house exhibit as part of the Math and Science month celebration. Just like the previous years, different types of animals will be displayed in the school ground. The children, parents and visitors will have a chance to take pictures of the animals. J is already excited for tomorrow’s event. And, I am excited to take pictures.

Here are few pictures taken on previous Math and Science exhibit.

 photo math-scie4_zps4e6187bd.jpg

I didn’t noticed that I am wearing a yellow polo shirt when I had this photo, if not for my friend I will not noticed it.. honestly.

 photo math-scie3_zps899943b7.jpg

 photo math-scie1_zps4cd6ce1e.jpg

I am proud of my son J for he not afraid to hold the different types of animals in the exhibit.

 photo math-scie2_zpsb603dc54.jpg

#Throwback Thursday: Then & Now

It’s time for #throwback Thrusday once again. I could not think of a good picture to share than this random edited picture of me and my son J.

I do not know if I mentioned it here the J had a chance to visit the government offices in town as part of their Civics and Culture subject. The good thing being a stay at home mom is I am always available to attend any school activities of my son. So while waiting for the firemen I took pictures of me and J. I was uploading it to his personal facebook account when I opt to edit our latest pictures and make it as my cover photo in my facebook. After editing our latest picture, I decided to edit our old, and make it as a cover photo in my personal facebook account as well. Oh, don’t be confuse, just like other bloggers I also have I two facebook accounts. While editing our old pictures, I remember the famous meme in the blogosphere, the #throwback Thursday.

 photo Documents7_zps51bed91f.jpg

Old pictures of us (me and J) through the years..

 photo me-justin_zps73c261e4.jpg

Our latest pictures, J has this mannerism of playing his nose, see the second and the third pictures.. 🙂

So here I am sharing our then and now pictures. See our transformation over the years? 🙂