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Not Musically Inclined

Admittedly no one from our family is musically inclined. Well, some of them can sing the right tune perfectly but if they want to sing professionally no doubt they will not grasp the attention of thier listeners. I always wish to have a family that sing professionally but I have acceptedvtge fact that it will not happen in the near future.

I am pretty sure those who have a relative who sing professionally is proud of then and perhaps they also own cool elation stage pack 1. Oh well, I shall accept the fact that my knowlede in music is very limited. And I dont think we will have a singer in the family soon.

On Amplifier

Yet another music related blog post once again. I know I have been talking about different kinds of musical intruments and its part lately. And I am pretty sure I will share some music related blog post in the next couple of months or perhaps a year.

So today I am going to share about thd amp from musicians friend, I wish I csn share more information about the product but unfortunately I haven’t seen a real thd amp in my whole life. However I know that amplifier plays an important rule for us to get the perfect sounds that we want, I other than that I dont know the other use of the amplifiers.

On Wanting To Watch Concert

If there is one thing that I want to do for long time now it is to watch a live concert by the famous singers in the country. It may a band concert or a solo concert I don’t mind as long as they are famous, LOL.

Last August, I was able to watch a live band performed on stage live. I really like how the band perform their pieces. Although they are not popular in the country I don’t think they are using the affordable focusrite saffire pro 40 at musicians friend, because of this I know that the band is doing good on their craft.

Good Quality Microphone

If you love to sing you probably know that having a good microphone plays a big rule to have a perfect singing experience. However, since buying a good microphone can be expensive most people opt to buy the cheaper one. But, if you have the money and you want to own a good quality of microphone then perhaps you could check out the excellent neumann microphones at musicians friend. They offer wide range of microphones to choose from.

Talking about microphones, I remember a friend who loves to sing. He was also affected by the typhoon that hit our Province. This friend of mine told me that he is starting to save for a new mic. I am hope my friend will find a microphone that will fit his budget.

Less Chirstmas Celebration

Few days to go before the most waited time of the year and I am certain that we are all excited for this wonderful time. But one thing is for sure, Christmas will be different here in my other side of the world. We are recovering from the damage that typhoon Yolanda brought us.

But if there is one thing I really miss this time aside from not celebrating the holiday with my older brother and his family is the Christmas songs and children singing Christmas carols. Talking about songs, I don’t know if the finale academic edition at Musicians Friend are used by musicians all over the world. I am not into music so I would really appreciate if someone will share his or her insight about this thing.