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Travel and Food Blog?

I am really thinking of what go do with this blog and my other blog since I seldom post and updates. Letting go may sounds easy but thinking how much effort I have put on here is not easy. So instead of letting go of this domain I decided to make it a travel and food blog. Honestly, I am still hesitant simply because I seldom travel and I seldome go out to eat. But its a good decision as of this moment.

Hopefully I can post an update every now and then since I have few travel and dine out in the previous months that I am planning of sharing.

Going Out With My Cousin

M is my cousin who is close to me the most and he is a certified gay. 😀 It’s not that I am not close to my other cousins but M is not just a cousin to me. He is a friend, my personal beautician and partner in anything that I want to do (not the bad thing).

 photo 20160629_162105_zpsbzoxmw8g.jpg My M while waiting for the Parade of Light (Sangyaw Festival) to start[/caption]

We have been going out lately, having fun with his gay friends, watching beauty pageant, talent presentations or just roaming around the mall chitchatting.

I am sure you guys will agree if I say, gays are so far the funniest to be with. With them there is no dull moment. They have this ability to make things funny and light. So whenever I feel down I always want to be with gays.

 photo 20160621_180608_zps5vbkiqle.jpg With M’s friend after watching Talent Presentation at Robinson’s Mall[/caption]



Movie Dates!

I tag along the little tot in buying our grocery needs few days ago. I sometimes do this especially if I am buying more than I usually buy. I need him to help me carry the grocery bags. 😀 he is big enough to carry more than I can. Not that I am forcing him to do it. He actually insist doing it. I guess he knows that I am old to carry too much. Hahaha!!

To put a smile on his face i treat him to Jolibee. Yes, my little big tot is a kid after all. He loves Jolibee. I also treat him to movie. Watching movies is our mother and son bonding. I always make it a point to have a movie date with my little big tot once in a while. Just the like yesterday we watched another movie of his choice. Good thing, his choice of movie is not bad. So we both had a great time watching the movie.

I Miss Those Days!

When I was just starting blogging updating my blog is an easy task. In fact I can sometimes post an update twice in a day but now it seemded that posting an update is a difficult task. There are times when I have some thoughts in mind but when I am about to put them in writing they just vanish. I shall remind myself that I start blogging for me to be able to chronicle my thoughts, daily happenings, share special occasions and etc. Hopefully, I will always get hold of this everyday so I will have the guts to post an update.

For countless times I promised myself not to neglect my blog but at the end of the day I always failed. Hopefully, it wil not be the same again. I an keeping my finger’s cross.

Palengke Day, It Is

As I compose this blog post its half an hour past eight in the evening. Every Saturday I usually sleep early because I need to wake up earlier than the usual on Sundays. Sunday is Palengke Day in town. Going to the market is what I do first thing in the morning.

Great Buy During Palengke Day

One of the reason why I like going to the market during Sundays is because I can buy great deals of fresh vegetables and cooking condements. Fresh meat is also available. Another thing I love during Palengke Day is buying Lakatan (kind of banana). On normal days it is sold at 60 pesos per kilo. I can buy it for 40 kilos on Sunday.

Downside on Palengke Day

If there are advantages there are also disadvantages. There are lots of people who are also taking advantage of Palengke so there are times that moving to another place to another is not easy. Moreso that our market is still in process after typhoon Yolanda damaged our old market.