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Malling With My Son & Niece

For me, happiness is when I manage to put a smile to the kids in the family.

I do not know I already shared here that I love bringing my little cousins, nephew or nieces to downtown. I am not come from a well-off family so going to downtown and eating out is not usual to us when I was a kid. I consider the kids in our family these days luckier for they can enjoy the things that we didn’t enjoy when were kids. Why I say so, it is because when I have time and when I have extra money I usually tag along my cousin, niece or nephew to the mall. I just love the feeling knowing that I let them experience the things that they haven’t experience yet.

PhotobucketThe little one and my niece take a pose while I am in the queue in the cashier.

Few weeks ago, I tag along the little one and my nephew to the mall. After the buying the things that I need to buy we had out lunch at Jollibee. The children’s all-time favorite fast food. Then after eating our lunch we decided to roam around the mall. The little one and my niece had a blast. If I will have enough money I am planning to bring my little cousin to the mall. I know he hasn’t been in the mall.


PhotobucketA pose with the famous Bee in the world :). The little one is trying to be funny by putting a fries in Jollibee’s mouth.

More photos here.

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The Colorful Balloons As Decoration

As you all know, I hosted a kiddie party for the little tot more than a month ago. Preparing for the said event was daunting but exciting. As a Mom, it is always a happy moment when I know that the little tot is happy. Few days ago, I posted about the colorful ballons.Now I will be sharing photos where my friends used it.


My friends busy decorating the buffet table, just dont mimd the bamboo :). See those colorful balloons? It’s the same balloons that I have posted few days ago.

PhotobucketThe smaller balloons were used on the buffet table.

But anyway, few weeks before the before the big day I’ve been listing the stuff I’ll need for the event. I am not good in remembering things so I always make it a point to list what I need to buy to make sure I won’t forget anything. One of the things that I missed putting in my list is the balloon that we will be using to decorate our place. But good thing, while looking for the things for the party loot I saw few pack of balloons. Without a second thought I immediately grab it and put it in the shopping cart. Some of these balloons were hang outside and some were used on the buffet table which I find cute.

I really thank my friends for making the event a successful one.

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Colorful Ballons

Duh! I miss joining the two weekly memes here. With that, I am catching up the Pink Friday’s meme. I am glad that it is open still. So without farther ado, my pinky share for this week is the pink balloons that used during the seventh birthday bash of the little tot. My friends used some of these balloons to decorate in the wall were the buffet table was place.

I will post other photos in the coming weeks 🙂



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Thanks God It’s Friday

TGIF! It could only mean one thing for a stay at home Mama like me. I don’t need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare the little one in going to school. I do not have plan yet as to what I am going to spend the weekend but I usually spend it doing our laundry and teaching the little one to read. For some reasons I’ve been doing the laundry for few weeks now. We do have washing machine but I still hand wash the white and light colors to make sure that no dirt is left on the clothes.

Since it is Friday I am sharing another batch of photos for the weekly meme’s I am joining in.

PhotobucketThe little one asked me to make a card for his teachers.  Since I want the cards to have his touch I asked him to help me and before I knew the card making turned Mama and son moment.

PhotobucketThe finish products :). I printed photo of him with his teachers and pasted it inside the card. To make it more presentable I put few blling bling.

PhotobucketThe little one’s classmate getting a free makeover from thier Ate’s before the program begins. The girls are really happy and enjoying the free makeover.

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One Fine Summer Of 2010

So how was your weekend? As for me, it was just another ordinary weekend. I am busy running offline errands and lazy blogging.


Anyway it’s time for Friday meme’s. I thought I’ll miss it this week as I cannot find a photo to share. Good thing I found this photo taken few years ago. I can still vividly remember how happy we were when this photo was taken. For some reasons the supposed to be funny pose turned funny after the photo was taken. I was complaining to the person who take this photo as I was tired opening my mouth (see that widely opened mouth?) As for my friend, Robert (the one in purple) laughing out loud of my gesture. My other friend (in pink) put something in his teeth for him to look funny. And, yes, the photo was taken summer of 2010 at the beach.

There is no doubt that a day with them is always filled with fun. No dull moments, that is why I like to be with this kind of friends.