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A Rainy Pintados Festival 2013

I am supposed to go the city today with a friend to watch Pintados Festival and Sanyaw Parade of Light. But because the weather disturbance has turned to typhoon Gorio- the reason of heavy rain for few hours I doubt if the Pintados street dancing and the parade of light will push through. I saw in the newsfeed on facebook that the contingents for the Pintados festival are waiting for further announcement.

 photo pintados_zpsd9675b2e.jpg

Me with my friends, while watching the Pintados Festival 2011 presentation

It will be my first experience to watch the Sangyaw Parade of Lights as I failed to watch it last year. I am honestly, excited about it when I and a friend agreed to watch it today. But I guess I shall accept the fact to stay at home today and let go of the chance to watch the three festivals in the city this year.

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One of the Pintados Festival contingent performing on stage

Anyway, the photos were taken almost two years ago with my friends. We missed the street dancing so we headed to the venue to watch the presentation. And yes, we thought we will miss it as the venue was already full of spectator. Good thing we were patience enough and someone from let go inside using the entrance for the participants. In the same year I also watched the Sangyaw Festival it with J and L. For the record, Tacloban City has three festivals now, the Pintados Festival which is the oldest, the Sangyaw Festival and the Parade of Light.

 photo pintados2_zps1c90d377.jpg

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With the former Governor of Leyte, Governor Jericho “Icot” Petilla

We also lucky that the former Governor of Leyte Jericho Petilla passed by where we were standing and ask us to include him on our picture. 🙂 Yeah! I can still vividly remember he told us he wants to join us. No wonder for we were having a moment and enjoying taking pictures while watching the fireworks display.