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Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I would like to take thia opportunity to great you all a Happy Easter. I hope you guys are having good time with your loved ones.

So, what is Easter means?

According to wikipedia

Easter (Old English Ēostre),  also called the Pasch or Pascha (the two latter names derived, through Latin: Pascha and Greek Paskha, from Hebrew‎ Pesa, or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion by Romans at Calvary.

I am thankful that I witnessed the ritual “salubong” last night. It feels good to have witnessed it once again after few years of missing it.

Have a safe Easter celebration folks.

Black Saturday Update

So how is your holy week so far? Ad for for me, I am thankful that I feel a lot better yesterday because I manage to attend the Good Friday mass and procession. I thought I am going to miss it this year as I had bad allergy attack and asthma. I prayed that I’ll be better so I won’t miss it. Thank you Lord Jesus for the answered prayer.

In spite of what happened few months ago, I noticed that there are still a lot of people who believe on HIM. A hundreds of people attended the mass and procession. It only proves that no matter what happen we still believe that trial is part of our lives and that is to test our faith to God.

I am praying that this holy week will be safe and blessed week to all of us.

Sangyaw Parade of Lights 2013, Tacloban City

Sangyaw Parade of Lights is one of the highlight honoring the patron saint Sr. Sto. Nino de Tacloban. The parade schedule was on the 29th but due to the bad weather the parade was move to the following day June 30 for the safety of those who will watch the parade and the participants. Gladly that is was postpone because J and L were able to witness the parade. It was our first time to witness the dazzling floats with colored lights, street dancers with stunning and colorful costumes.

 photo parade-pinay3_zps042ba38e.jpg

Pizza time!!!

 photo parade-pinay1_zps0b19e504.jpg

 photo parade-pinay6_zps8ecbe2bd.jpg

 photo parade-pinay2_zpscbf009cc.jpg

J is amazed of Power Ranger costume, he even touch it after taking the picture 🙂

As expected the parade was delayed, it was announced that the parade will start at 5 pm but I guess it was already 7pm when it actually began. Since I want us to have a good spot while watching the parade I want us to be in the city before 4pm but gladly it was pass 5pm when we arrive at the parade route and we go on foot as the jeepneys were not allowed to go inside the main street of the city. So imagine the long wait not to mention our tired foot. My son J is getting impatient already and starving.

 photo parade-pinay4_zps5fc373f0.jpg

 photo parade-pinay5_zps1d2748f2.jpg

 photo parade-pinay7_zpsd529b246.jpg

In spite the long wait and the pain that our foot had to endure while waiting for the parade. It was still a night full of fun. Watching those bright and beautiful floats and costumes was worth the wait. Will post some more photos on my travel blog

Am A Godmother, Again

Yesterday, I became a godmother again. It’s my first for this year and the 12th god child of mine. I know it’s already a lot but then I could not refuse when I am ask to be a godmother. They say it would bring bad luck to the child if I refuse. Although they are already a dozen I can still do my duty as second parent to them when time arise for some them.

 photo bap1_zps86ea4d01.jpg

me, my niece and the newly baptized Rialyn (my bad forgot her whole name)

Anyway, since the baptism is almost three hours drive from my place I woke early in the morning. I need to prepare the breakfast before I leave the house so I wake up earlier that I usually do. I arrive at my cousin’s place early. I had a chance to bond with my relatives in my father’s side. I seldom see them as I only get to visit my father’s place during especial occasions.

 photo bap_zps32eb9ebe.jpg

us, before heading to the church

They want me to stay for a day but unfortunately I can’t as I told my boyfriend that I will be home the same day. And one more thing, I have so many things to do online and offline so I don’t have any choose but to go home. It was a tiring and exhausted day but worth it as I get to see my relativ

The Little One is Little No More

Oh my! How time flies so fast. It seemed that it was only yesterday when I was having a hard time giving birth to the little one. It is exactly 8 years, 4 months, 1 week and two days since I give birth to a bouncing baby boy. I cannot find an exact word to express how fulfill and happy am I when the doctor put the little one on top of my tummy. I was teary eyed and ecstatic that I didn’t mind what is happening on the delivery room that time.

Who would have thought that a small baby boy would grow up taller and bigger compared to someone his age in our place. It is certainly didn’t cross my mind. At his age, he is already 44 kilos, the boyfriend advice me to do something to avoid him from gaining more. But there are times that I cannot stop him from eating more.

 photo flores-1_zps3521f2c7.jpg

Anyway, I am sharing his recent photo, taken during the Sagala last 31st of May.

The first photo was taken exactly a year ago, when he played Constantine. It is pretty obvious in the picture how tall he is after a year.