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Sangyaw Parade of Lights 2013, Tacloban City

Sangyaw Parade of Lights is one of the highlight honoring the patron saint Sr. Sto. Nino de Tacloban. The parade schedule was on the 29th but due to the bad weather the parade was move to the following day June 30 for the safety of those who will watch the parade and the participants. Gladly that is was postpone because J and L were able to witness the parade. It was our first time to witness the dazzling floats with colored lights, street dancers with stunning and colorful costumes.

 photo parade-pinay3_zps042ba38e.jpg

Pizza time!!!

 photo parade-pinay1_zps0b19e504.jpg

 photo parade-pinay6_zps8ecbe2bd.jpg

 photo parade-pinay2_zpscbf009cc.jpg

J is amazed of Power Ranger costume, he even touch it after taking the picture 🙂

As expected the parade was delayed, it was announced that the parade will start at 5 pm but I guess it was already 7pm when it actually began. Since I want us to have a good spot while watching the parade I want us to be in the city before 4pm but gladly it was pass 5pm when we arrive at the parade route and we go on foot as the jeepneys were not allowed to go inside the main street of the city. So imagine the long wait not to mention our tired foot. My son J is getting impatient already and starving.

 photo parade-pinay4_zps5fc373f0.jpg

 photo parade-pinay5_zps1d2748f2.jpg

 photo parade-pinay7_zpsd529b246.jpg

In spite the long wait and the pain that our foot had to endure while waiting for the parade. It was still a night full of fun. Watching those bright and beautiful floats and costumes was worth the wait. Will post some more photos on my travel blog