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Busy Week Ahead

I am going to be a busy mommy to my son J in the next coming days. I know mommy-ing can be a daunting task but certainly it is a rewarding job that no amount of money can paid it off. The busy days will start tomorrow as the school is hosting a two days open house exhibit as part of the Math and Science month celebration. Just like the previous years, different types of animals will be displayed in the school ground. The children, parents and visitors will have a chance to take pictures of the animals. J is already excited for tomorrow’s event. And, I am excited to take pictures.

Here are few pictures taken on previous Math and Science exhibit.

 photo math-scie4_zps4e6187bd.jpg

I didn’t noticed that I am wearing a yellow polo shirt when I had this photo, if not for my friend I will not noticed it.. honestly.

 photo math-scie3_zps899943b7.jpg

 photo math-scie1_zps4cd6ce1e.jpg

I am proud of my son J for he not afraid to hold the different types of animals in the exhibit.

 photo math-scie2_zpsb603dc54.jpg

The Boy/Girl Scout Experience

The good thing of having a chance to join the boy/girl scout activities is the experience of doing things without the help of the parents or guardians instead they do it in their own with the supervision of their leader/teacher. The little one is lucky to experience how it is to be in a camp site wherein they are tasks to cook their own foods, wash the dishes and a lot more. Like any other children the little one is also excited to attend their boy/girl scout camping. There is no doubt about it as he never stop reminding me to prepare his tent and the things he needs to bring such as extra clothes, blanket, pillow, can goods, utensils and toiletries.

The little one with his classmate and school mates

When we arrive at the camp site I thought we were late for my wrist watch say it’s 15 minutes pass 8 o’clock in the morning. The program was schedule to start at exactly 8 in the morning but gladly we are not that late. So I had a chance to take a photo of the little one wearing his scout uniform. I asked his classmate and schoolmate if it’s okay I take photo of them with Justin and they oblige. After few takes, the head teacher call the attention of all the pupils to be at their respective groups as the program will start. A lot of parlor games were in store that day prepared by the teachers. I would say the children had fun playing the games.

The little one trying to help preparing their lunch in his own little way… way to go, anak 🙂

After playing, the campers were given a chance to prepare their yells and food for dinner then after dinner they start preparing for the investiture ceremony for the new pupils who have not attend the investiture last year. Then it was followed by torch parade and yells competition.

The little one in yellow shirt inside the tent

The camping happened in the beach resort own by the school owner. The camper had a chance to witness the sunrise the following day. Good thing I decided to visit the little one early as I had a chance to take a photo of him while watching the sunset. Isn’t beautiful? Thanks God for the wonderful weather although typhoon Lawin was still in the country that time.

The little one, patiently waiting for the sunrise 🙂

Thanks God It’s Friday

TGIF! It could only mean one thing for a stay at home Mama like me. I don’t need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare the little one in going to school. I do not have plan yet as to what I am going to spend the weekend but I usually spend it doing our laundry and teaching the little one to read. For some reasons I’ve been doing the laundry for few weeks now. We do have washing machine but I still hand wash the white and light colors to make sure that no dirt is left on the clothes.

Since it is Friday I am sharing another batch of photos for the weekly meme’s I am joining in.

PhotobucketThe little one asked me to make a card for his teachers.  Since I want the cards to have his touch I asked him to help me and before I knew the card making turned Mama and son moment.

PhotobucketThe finish products :). I printed photo of him with his teachers and pasted it inside the card. To make it more presentable I put few blling bling.

PhotobucketThe little one’s classmate getting a free makeover from thier Ate’s before the program begins. The girls are really happy and enjoying the free makeover.

mommy moments

One Fine Rainy Friday

I’ve been pretty busy running offline errands for the past couple of days, so that is the reason why I missed updating this blogie. Though I am always online everyday my blogging time is limited.

Assisting the little one in making the cards for his teachers.

Anyways, last Friday the school where the little tot is presently enrolled celebrated Teacher’s Day. I know it’s kinda late since the official Teacher’s month was last October. But the teachers were so busy preparing for the Foundation day and examination so they opt to move it last Friday. Oh well, as the saying goes “Better Later than Never”, right? The children prepared a short program. This time it’s was the pupils who plan the program headed by the Grade V and Grade VI pupils. It was a rainy Friday. Supposed to be the program will start at eight in the morning but because the rain continue to pour it was move in the afternoon. But after we waited for few hours for we were hoping that the rain will soon stop but we were not lucky as the rain continue to pour.

While we were waiting for the rain to stop, the pupils were busy preparing/practicing their program. I manage to captured few photos..

PhotobucketThe Ate’s putting make up to the Grade I pupils

While the girls are busy putting their make ups the boys were also busy, busy playing my phone, the little tot borrowed my phone eh.


PhotobucketThat is the little tot, distributing the cards to his teachers

Luckily, the rain stops in the afternoon so the program started few minutes passed one o’clock. The teachers were happy while watching the program prepared by the pupils.