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On Sale One Shoulder Short Dress

Have this Champagne Chiffon One Shoulder Short Dress for Prom Bridesmaid Cocktail at 67% Off! This is among the most popular dress designs today. Assymetrically beautiful, available in a single size.

This one shoulder dress is made to reveal the beauty of your shoulders without being too showy. It preserves some elegance, giving off an innocently playful look.

The Champagne color glorifies morning occasions, perfect for garden weddings! You won’t go wrong too when wearing this attire during night parties.

Made of Chiffon fabric, this dress will assure your comfort throughout the day with its light-weighted material. You’ll feel breezy and cool all day long.

Wearing a vintage tiara headband would look perfect with this dress that’s neutral for any matching embellishment. View the dress closely by visiting this link

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Sold at PHP683(67% Off)!!! Save as high as PHP1380 since it’s originally priced at PHP2063.

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I slept late last night because I attended the Easter Vigil and the ritual of “Salubong”. It is already passed midnight when I arrived home. I thought I will wake up late but I was wrong as I am already awake before the clock hit 5am. So no wonder I am really sleepy as I type this blog post.

Hence I haven’t eaten my lunch yet I decided to browse my favorite online shops. No plan on shopping but I am almost tempted to buy wheb I saw a Kendra Scott necklace. It is really stunning that I want to buy it. But I have to stop myself.

A Bit Sick

I should be resting instead of blogging. I am snezzing, my nose is clogged, and my throat is sore. Hopefully I will not get too sick for that is the last thing I want to happen as of this moment.

On the lighter note, I am very much thankful for the blessings that came few weeks ago. Someone from Zalora offered a collaboration in my six blogs in exchange of cash voucher. Shopping without spending any penny from our pocket is certainly love, right?

See, although I am not really feeling well I still have the energy to surf and shop online :-). I know, many of you can relate.

I Want A New Handbag

I admit I am not a bag fanatic and don’t collect bags either. I only buy when I feel I need to get a new one for a simple reason that the bag I am using is worn out or I have been using the bag for a long time like a year or so. I never experience owning three or more bags. It is because, everytime I buy a new one I usually give the old one to my sister or anyone in the family.

M41051_PM2_Front view_230x230

I may not a bag fatnatic like other women out there but I am still a woman who loves to shop and often a compulsive shopper as well. Just like the other day, I was tempted to visit an online store although I don’t have any plan of shopping. I was having a good time checking the shoes and bag categories that I almost forgot that I still have work to do.

N41133_PM2_Front view_230x230

No wonder I could not let my eyes off looking at those stylish women’s bags at Zalora and the attraction of Louis Vuitton labels handbags. I really want to own those eye catching bag. How I wish I have extra money to spend, unfortunately buying bag is not in my priority list as of this moment. But I will certainly check those bags once in a while to inspire me to work harder and save.

Shop Your Wedding Needs Online

Being born and raise in the Philippines, a third world country. It is not surprising why Filipinos are very careful when it comes to online shopping. Why not? It is not easy to spend our hard earned money to something that is not worth the price or worst losing the item you bought online. I am talking based on my very own experience. When I first tried to shop online I was hesitant and anxious. It feels like waiting for a decade for my purchased to be delivered at home. Thankfully, I am happy and satisfied. Well, the seller is an online friend and she is selling authentic product. Buying in trusted seller is really a must to have a successful online shopping.

But anyway, it is amazing to know that online shopping is becoming known in my country. A good proof of it, are the online stores that sprouting like mushrooms in the past couple of years I noticed the increase of online stores that sells trendy clothing, bags, accesories, gadget, home appliance and many more. I still have to find out if there is a Philippine base wedding store, a store like, it’s a one stop shop for all your wedding needs.

If you are a bride to be, I am certain that the site is the perfect website to visit for all your wedding essentials. Budget is not a problem as you can start your search defending on how much your budget. As of this typing is having a 50% discount on selected item. Just in case you missed this offer you can still catch the 20% off. So why spend too much on your wedding gown and Bridesmaid Dresses without breaking the bank. Aside from gowns you can also find affordable Wedding Shoes online. Shall you need more information, you can visit the site any time or better yet check the website now to avail the discount.