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How You Can Earn While Traveling

If most people were asked what would give them a more fulfilling life, many of them would most likely answer that they wish they could travel more. It is easy to experience a different country if you use your vacation hours to do it, but traveling long-term seems like it is an opportunity only the rich can experience. However, as long as you think outside of the box, living in a foreign country for months or even years can be accomplished. Here are some things you can research if you are interested in traveling long-term, whether your goal is to visit another state in America or you would like to travel internationally.

Work for Your Housing

If your big dream is to spend all summer at a beach in Miami but you do not necessarily want to permanently move out of the country, ice cream carts are a great solution. You do not have to invest in purchasing a large van in order to make some extra money either; many units are portable and small in size, making them easy to store when you are not using them. If you have your heart set on living in a foreign country, consider doing some volunteer work in exchange for your accommodations. Volunteering is a rewarding experience that will allow you to interact with others while exploring another country.

Participate in a Housing Exchange Program

Even if you do not own a timeshare, there are plenty of places online where you can agree to let someone stay in your house for a month or two while you go stay in theirs. This is a great way to avoid paying double rent and still find lodging in a destination you’ve always wanted to visit.

Another way to save money while traveling is to consider staying in hostels. Hostels are a cheap way to travel abroad, as long as you book your visit ahead of time because they tend to fill up quickly. You might have to share a room and bathroom with several other people, but it will give you the opportunity to meet some new people along the way.

Off To Cebu City

My little big boy experience his first flight yesterday to Cebu. I feel sad that I was not with him when he experience his first flight and certainly not the last. Though I am sad not to be with him I am happy that he experience it at an early age. I had my first flight when I was 30 something and I was alone then. No one to talk or share my feeling then while my son was with his Aunt (paternal side).

I was kinda worried that my son will feel uncomfortable but I was wrong he was brave unlike me when I had my first flight :-). I am a proud parent.

As I type this post my little big boy is enjoying his stay in Cebu. He will stay there for more than a month, hopefully I can go there with my friends and spend a few days with him.

Excited For Summer

The fourth periodical examination of my son J is scheduled this week. And Moving Up Program will be on the 5th of April.

My son J started his summer count down two weeks ago, if I remember it right. The reason- he is excited on his flight to Cebu. This time, he will spend his summer away from home. Its the first time of my son to spend summer vacation in his paternal family side, though its not the first visit because he stayed with them for more than a month while he was nursing the wound he got during the super typhoon Yolanda.

For eight long years, I and my son J is always together. I tagged him along where ever I go if possible. So, this is the first time for both of us to be away from each other for more than a month. No doubt, I will miss my son while he is with his paternal family, but, I will survive that is for sure. I don’t want to play villain in my son’s happiness. I want him to experience being around with his paternal family and build good memories with them. It’s a new experience for my son. And perhaps, this summer is maybe the most exciting summer vacation he experience.

As for me, I and my friend Iris is planning a summer getaway. Well, we used to do this every summer but we always end of planning as we opt not to go because of some reasons, financial dufficulty is the big factor I would say. Hopefully; it will be different this time.