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Bye February…

…hello March.

I am posting my first blog post for the month of March and not my last post I hope. In the past there months we are in the process of rebuilding our home. I am in the process of saving for our kitchen. I haven’t mentioned it here yet that our kitchen was destroyed during the typhoon. So with this we need to build a new kitchen and hence it need a bigger budget I don’t believe that I can start the project real soon. I know that in God’s time we can fix everything it may not be the same as it is before we were hit by the disastrous typhoon. But I believe in God’s time everything will get back to normal.

Thanks God My Son Is Safe

While I am trying to secure my son safety when the sea water started to raise I didn’t noticed that my son had a big cut below his knee. It was only after we reached the roof of our house when my son told me that he has a wound. After seeing how big his wound is worries I started worrying, for I know he will not get the right medication he needs at that time.

After more than a week of worrying of my son welfare I can finally sleep without worries. He was thoroughly checked in the hospital. I am really thankful that his bone is safe after the xray and his wound is free of infection. As of now, he is under medication. Hopefully, he will recover fast.