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A Time To Update

It’s almost a week since the first day of August yet I haven’t posted anything here. Admittedly there are times that I am really a lousy blogger, I’ve promised countless times to update my blogs in a regular basis regardless of laziness or I am busy. Good thing, I remember to update this blog today. I am done with my daily blog rounds, the weekly spreadsheet for the weekly the weekly visit is not up yet so I opt to update my blogs.

On the other hand, Mr Sunshine is finally up after hiding from the clouds for few days. Hopefully it will stay up all day for our wet clothes to get dry and for our pathway to get dry also. It sucks when the rain continue to pour for few days because our pathway become too muddy and the motorcycle trail made it more difficult for us to find where to step on to avoid the mud.

I’ve notice I lost one blog post prior to this post. I am glad that it was a non-paid post :-). I guess it is because of the hosting problem.

It’s Beach Time!!!

Its seven o’clock in the evening here in my other part other part of the world yet I can still feel the hot temperature. No doubt summer is already here, one way of enjoying the nice weather is having fun at the beach. For some ladies, they choice to lose weight before summer so they could show off their swimwear with grace.

Of course there are different ways on losing weight, other ladies would prepare to visit the gym and others would choice to lurk in the net and search for a great selection of yoga bolsters before they could start doing yoga. But for those who can’t lose weight like I am, I will just enjoy the good weather in the beach regardless of how I look with my swimwear as long as you carry the swimwear well and with self-confidence, certainly you will look sexy.

My Wildest Dream

Who loves snow? I am quite sure snow is not liked by others because of the troubled it may bring on the road and on the garage. Aside of course from the cold temperature, however there are some who are excited for the winter season especially those who loves ice skiing.

One of my wildest dreams is to be able to experience the snow. Why wildest? Just because I came from a tropical country and I don’t have the money to spend to travel outside the country wherein I could experience the snow. But hey, there is not harm in dreaming, who knows I will have a chance to experience and play the snow in the future. I am pretty sure I will be one of those who are crazy choosing snowshoes for women that are on sale. I imagine myself laughing out loud while playing in the snow and making my first snow angel.

Hahaha… I know I am day dreaming early in the morning.