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Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding More Individuals

Fancy a wedding that is more personal to your and your partner, and more individual overall? Read on for some fun ideas!

Have a guest sing your first dance

If your guest list is any more than 30 people, chances are you will have someone in your ranks who can sing! Have them put their talents to good use and sing your first dance. This will make it even more special and memorable. Just be sure to give them so time to rehearse in the space, to get to grips with the acoustics and tech.

Personalise your invites

Personalised wedding invitations are a great way to set a tone of individuality from the off. After all, they will be the first thing your guests see from you on the topic of the wedding. You can then be totally in charge of the vibe you give off. You might want a simple design, or something really classy. Or, go for wild and bold colours to express your personality!

Change up the tradition

Traditions are wonderful things, but you won’t have to abide by them if you don’t want to. Instead of just having your father walk you down the aisle, take both parents. Or ask your best friend or grandma to do the honours. Save your vows for away from the chapel or church, and say them at the reception later in the evening. Don’t fancy a white dress? Then wear something different. It’s your wedding; do whatever you like!

Table cloths to draw on!

Not just for the kids tables– do this for the grown-ups too! Instead of having fancy, white table clothes that will get ruined (goodbye deposit!)- do this. Have large brown sheets of paper of table clothes. Put a big pot of crayons in the middle of the table. Let your guests customise and draw as the wish! Just make sure it is crayons… you don’t want a big pen mark on the back of your dress! You could even make it a competition, and have a prize for the best table cloth at the end of the day.

Replace confetti with sparklers

Instead of leaving your venue at the end of the night to a flurry of confetti, give every guest a sparkler! Not only are these easier to see it the dark,but they’re also pretty much the exact same cost. They also look incredible in photos, especially if your photographer gets up above you and takes a snap looking down. Save the confetti to use during the day, and have a truly sparkling exit!

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Make your own playlist

Even the best DJ’s in the world can get carried away sometimes. This can lead to them ignoring your request list and playing what they want instead! Nightmare! Take back control by putting yourself in charge of the evening disco. Hire a big set of speakers and hook up your laptop. Play a playlist you’ve curated with your partner beforehand. That way you know exactly what is coming. Plus you might save a bit of money too!

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