I Was At My Sister’s Place

Happiness is..

..when I am with the messes (nieces). The boyfriend call my nieces as messes.

Yay, it’s been a while since my last blog post for this site. I arrived home yesterday but for some reasons I could not stay long online. So here I am catching up with my weekly meme share. I almost miss joining this week but I am glad that the submission is not yet close so without much ado here is my photo share.


As I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I will be off from the World Wide Web, the reason is that I was at my sister’s place. The photo above is my nieces, my younger sister’s daughter. I remember teasing my niece (the girl on polo shirt) because she seems to love this polo shirt. I noticed she is always wearing it. When I asked why she always wear the same clothes she said that her other clothes was sold by her Mama (my sister) but I know she is just joking. She just want me to stop teasing her and asking question.


But anyway, my other niece (the one who is wearing a gown) was very excited as she gets to wear the gown I rented on that day. However before the program starts she feel uncomfortable because of her stomach. The moment I saw her crying and wiping her tears with her hands I know she mess her make-up, already. Good thing she feels better after I adjusted her gown. I guess my sister tied it too much.

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