Movie Dates!

I tag along the little tot in buying our grocery needs few days ago. I sometimes do this especially if I am buying more than I usually buy. I need him to help me carry the grocery bags. 😀 he is big enough to carry more than I can. Not that I am forcing him to do it. He actually insist doing it. I guess he knows that I am old to carry too much. Hahaha!!

To put a smile on his face i treat him to Jolibee. Yes, my little big tot is a kid after all. He loves Jolibee. I also treat him to movie. Watching movies is our mother and son bonding. I always make it a point to have a movie date with my little big tot once in a while. Just the like yesterday we watched another movie of his choice. Good thing, his choice of movie is not bad. So we both had a great time watching the movie.

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