Newly Found Site To Earn

I’ve been venting that I so want to kick the addiction on playing games on facebook. Finally, I found something that stopped me from playing online. Last week, I found this website that allows me to earn by posting an articles of any kinds. With this newly found means of earning online that requires more of my time I am hoping that I will finally get rid playing online.

I have joined the site last week, six days to be exact and I already earn few dollars. My goal is to reach the minimum cash out after a week. I have read few unsuccessful cash out because they someone failed to follow the rules. I don’t want this to happen to me that is why I am very careful on following their rules although there are times that I liked a single post twice. I already ask about this and I feedback that it is okay. I will just try to be careful next time to avoid like the same post twice.

As for now, I shall work hard to reach my goal and that is t reach the minimum cash out.


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