One Fine Rainy Monday

Yay, it is Friday once again. I actually don’t know what to say in here. My mind is wandering around that I could not think of a good blog post to write.

PhotobucketThe giveaways and game prizes

But anyway, I do not remember if I mentioned here that we are going to attend a birthday celebration this week. And, well, it happened last Monday. Mr Sunshine showed up in the morning, I thought it will continue to shine the whole but I was wrong because the rain drops started to pour before the party starts. But then, the weather didn’t stop the kids from having fun because right after they ate they started swimming in the pool.


Since Tuesday the little one has been asking me when we are going back to the resort where the birthday celebration was held. I do not want to give him a specific date because I still need to save for it. I don’t want him to disappoint him if ever we cannot make it on the day I promised to him. I do hope I can do it this summer. I am quite sure he will smile from ear to ear as soon as I announce it to him.

PhotobucketMe and the little one before the party start.

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