Palengke Day, It Is

As I compose this blog post its half an hour past eight in the evening. Every Saturday I usually sleep early because I need to wake up earlier than the usual on Sundays. Sunday is Palengke Day in town. Going to the market is what I do first thing in the morning.

Great Buy During Palengke Day

One of the reason why I like going to the market during Sundays is because I can buy great deals of fresh vegetables and cooking condements. Fresh meat is also available. Another thing I love during Palengke Day is buying Lakatan (kind of banana). On normal days it is sold at 60 pesos per kilo. I can buy it for 40 kilos on Sunday.

Downside on Palengke Day

If there are advantages there are also disadvantages. There are lots of people who are also taking advantage of Palengke so there are times that moving to another place to another is not easy. Moreso that our market is still in process after typhoon Yolanda damaged our old market.

Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding More Individuals

Fancy a wedding that is more personal to your and your partner, and more individual overall? Read on for some fun ideas!

Have a guest sing your first dance

If your guest list is any more than 30 people, chances are you will have someone in your ranks who can sing! Have them put their talents to good use and sing your first dance. This will make it even more special and memorable. Just be sure to give them so time to rehearse in the space, to get to grips with the acoustics and tech.

Personalise your invites

Personalised wedding invitations are a great way to set a tone of individuality from the off. After all, they will be the first thing your guests see from you on the topic of the wedding. You can then be totally in charge of the vibe you give off. You might want a simple design, or something really classy. Or, go for wild and bold colours to express your personality!

Change up the tradition

Traditions are wonderful things, but you won’t have to abide by them if you don’t want to. Instead of just having your father walk you down the aisle, take both parents. Or ask your best friend or grandma to do the honours. Save your vows for away from the chapel or church, and say them at the reception later in the evening. Don’t fancy a white dress? Then wear something different. It’s your wedding; do whatever you like!

Table cloths to draw on!

Not just for the kids tables– do this for the grown-ups too! Instead of having fancy, white table clothes that will get ruined (goodbye deposit!)- do this. Have large brown sheets of paper of table clothes. Put a big pot of crayons in the middle of the table. Let your guests customise and draw as the wish! Just make sure it is crayons… you don’t want a big pen mark on the back of your dress! You could even make it a competition, and have a prize for the best table cloth at the end of the day.

Replace confetti with sparklers

Instead of leaving your venue at the end of the night to a flurry of confetti, give every guest a sparkler! Not only are these easier to see it the dark,but they’re also pretty much the exact same cost. They also look incredible in photos, especially if your photographer gets up above you and takes a snap looking down. Save the confetti to use during the day, and have a truly sparkling exit!

Image from Flickr

Make your own playlist

Even the best DJ’s in the world can get carried away sometimes. This can lead to them ignoring your request list and playing what they want instead! Nightmare! Take back control by putting yourself in charge of the evening disco. Hire a big set of speakers and hook up your laptop. Play a playlist you’ve curated with your partner beforehand. That way you know exactly what is coming. Plus you might save a bit of money too!

3 Essential Things To Do Before Your New Baby

Nothing is more exciting, or more nerve-wracking, than the arrival of a new baby. There’s so much to think about, from the safety of your little one, to whether they’ll get on with their siblings. Preparing for a baby is a lot of work and effort. But having the right environment for them in their formative years is essential. In the next five years, most of their personality will form. And it will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Prepare Their Room

A baby’s room can quite easily become the hub for their creativity. It’s where they will be spending a lot of their time, and it will be a place for their imagination to develop. Safety in the bedroom is, of course, a priority. But within that safety, I think it’s a good idea to include a lot of things that can stimulate their imagination. What about hanging a paper bumblebee from the ceiling? Or putting interesting artwork on the walls? When they’re old enough to speak, it can become a source of conversation. You can ask them what they like about their room and what they might change.



But the baby’s room also has to be practical. You need the basics, like a crib, a dresser, somewhere to change their diapers, perhaps even a rocking chair. You also want to make sure that items in the baby’s room are located in places that are convenient for you.

When the baby is very young, you might want to keep them in a crib in your room. A snuzpodsnuzpod, a sort of bedside crib, is a good solution. Snuzpods can morph into a bassinet, a stand-alone or be attached to the bedside. With one of these, you can move your baby from room to room too, meaning that you get the best of both worlds.

Baby Proof The House

Children love to explore the world. It’s how they learn about it. Unfortunately, due to their inexperience, they have no idea what will hurt them and what won’t. In the modern world, exploring boundaries by trial and error can be fatal. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to think about your home from a baby’s perspective and ensure that it’ safe.

That means blocking off any plug sockets with plastic caps and making sure any poisonous plants are off the floor. It also means keeping any household chemicals out of reach and ensuring that they can’t reach hot pots and pans on the hob.


It’s a good idea to have a network of support when your new baby arrives. You’ll have a lot of questions and you may need the help of others. Make sure you have the phone number of your pediatrician and your local breastfeeding support group. And although it’s not essential, you might want the number of your local pizza joint too.

Having support on hand when you need it is important when bringing your first baby into the world. You’ll be more relaxed, and this will be transmitted to your baby.

All information and ideas are not mine

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Feeling Productive

After deleting more than 7,000 spam comments I can feel that I am being productive. Since I lost my laptop and used my phone to blog I neglected the comments that seemed to increased everytime I login to my dashboard. Seeing the high numbers each time made the laziness kick in to its high level. Luckily, I was in the mood to start deleting those spam comments yesterday. Hence I try to delete 1,500 comments everytime I login, I am almost done with it. I am certain that my comment section will be from spam comments today.

One thing I also neglect since I start using my phone to blog is visiting my fellow bloggers especially my BC Bloggers community. Hopefully I can visit their blogs as soon as I am done working on the comments.