The Colorful Balloons As Decoration

As you all know, I hosted a kiddie party for the little tot more than a month ago. Preparing for the said event was daunting but exciting. As a Mom, it is always a happy moment when I know that the little tot is happy. Few days ago, I posted about the colorful ballons.Now I will be sharing photos where my friends used it.


My friends busy decorating the buffet table, just dont mimd the bamboo :). See those colorful balloons? It’s the same balloons that I have posted few days ago.

PhotobucketThe smaller balloons were used on the buffet table.

But anyway, few weeks before the before the big day I’ve been listing the stuff I’ll need for the event. I am not good in remembering things so I always make it a point to list what I need to buy to make sure I won’t forget anything. One of the things that I missed putting in my list is the balloon that we will be using to decorate our place. But good thing, while looking for the things for the party loot I saw few pack of balloons. Without a second thought I immediately grab it and put it in the shopping cart. Some of these balloons were hang outside and some were used on the buffet table which I find cute.

I really thank my friends for making the event a successful one.

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