Workers Insurance

I remember when my Aunt’s renovated their house few years ago few accidents had happened. But, good thing it was just a minor accident and I figured it was the company’s negligence as to why the accident happened. The company simply didn’t follow the basic law when constructing a house. The “safety first” law were not implemented, so no wonder the incident happened not once but twice.

I wonder if the construction company has workmans comp insurance for their employees and workers. Anyway, if you are a company owner I would suggest you to have your free quote at, It is not only beneficial for your workers but also your company.


  • Insurance is basic for a tangible properties. It is a security for eventualities. Practically speaking it is just “saving” for unexpected losses and damages that may occur.

  • Gelo says:

    it’s good to know that it’s only a minor accident…

  • sarah says:

    Sad to say in the Philippines, most ( but not all) engineers plan first on what they can earn first before they think of other peoples’ security and welfare. Until there are stricter laws and penalties enforced, the minds behind such fiasco always get away. (to plan and build again another day)

  • I totally agree with you. I still believe in Insurance, may it be for life or non-life. What better way to be secured, right?

  • Rae says:

    Good to know minor accident lang.

    A few months back someone died sa construction site for a hypermart sa Cebu. I have a feeling some basic safety protocol were not followed.

  • Anne lei says:

    the good thing about insurance is you can be at piece somehow. insurance could help us especially on unavoidable circumstances

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